4 Reasons You Should Care About Upholstery Cleaning in Alexandria

We all know that it’s important to get our carpets cleaned on a regular basis, but what about all the upholstered fabrics and furniture in our homes? Because we’re walking on our carpets day in and day out, it’s natural to notice them growing progressively dingier as time wears on and make a conscious effort to get them professionally cleaned every few months. However, upholstery usually won’t show as much obvious wear and tear, and it’s all too easy to forget that it needs to be professionally cleaned as well. Here are four reasons that you should make sure to get your upholstery cleaned by a trained, experienced professional sooner rather than later.

upholstery cleaning

Extend the Life of Your Furniture

Getting your upholstery cleaned every few months will help it last years longer in great condition. Upholstery cleaning can prevent fading, set-in stains, and even fraying. The cost of upholstery cleaning pales in comparison to the cost of buying all new furniture to replace your old furniture.

Cleaner Air

Investing in professional upholstery cleaning is about so much more than aesthetics. Many people don’t know that all the upholstered fabric and furniture in your home works together with your carpets, rugs, and other soft surfaces to filter contaminants out of your home’s air. As air circulates throughout your home, it carries things like dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens that can be inhaled by you and your family and cause irritation and even illness.

The fibers in your upholstery trap these contaminants and prevent them from moving throughout your home. However, if you neglect regular professional upholstery cleanings, the fibers of your upholstery will become full of dust and dirt and won’t be able to filter any additional contaminants out of your home’s air. Choosing upholstery cleaning professionals who are highly trained and experienced will not only keep your home looking great, but it will actually make your home a cleaner, healthier place for you and your family to live.

Remove Stains

Do you have a giant stain on your couch that you think you just have to live with? Think again! Upholstery cleaning can often remove even the most stubborn stains with their powerful professional equipment. Even pet accident stains can be removed by a trained expert. Don’t panic about stains on your upholstery any longer. Simply call in a professional, and your furniture will be looking like new again in no time. Absolute Carpet Care offers expert upholstery cleaning in Fairfax that will have your upholstery looking bright and new in no time. Their stain removal proves works on almost any kind of stain, and they’ll let you know exactly what to expect from their services from the get-go. For upholstery cleaning in Fairfax that you can trust, turn to Absolute Carpet Care.

Your Home Will Look Amazing

You might not even realize how dingy and dull your upholstery has become over the years until you see how incredibly bright and clean it all looks after a professional cleaning. High-quality upholstery cleaning will remove layers of dirt and grime from the surface of your upholstery while also cleaning below the surface. You won’t believe what a difference a good upholstery cleaning can make on the look of your home.